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December 16, 2010


Although the Christmas feeling I had a few days ago was able to calm my dreary mood, I still fret over the upcoming deadlines I have to follow. Time is what I need. So most of my blogs this week and the next, in other words, my last blogs that will be considered for this […]

Christmas in Sierra Leone

December 13, 2010


As the due date for the MDG grows closer, I go more wary everyday. Sure Christmas is coming up, but it won’t be as enjoyable when there is a project and numerous deadlines tapping my shoulder as the holidays grow closer. But let’s not think negative! I mean, Christmas is coming closer, and there is […]

The Spanish Inquisition

December 10, 2010


I’m in the middle of finishing half of my Independent Assessment in Social Studies. Since it’s my second one since last year, I’m sort of confident with what I’m doing and at the same time, I’m not. English focuses on the MLA style while Social Studies usesĀ  the Chicago format of citing. so it’s been […]

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Blood Diamonds – Recap

December 8, 2010


So today in Social Studies, we began the movie, “Blood Diamonds”. I’ve already watched this movie, so I paid half-attention to it. After all, this was one of the books I’ve read for my literature part of the project. But the movie was just so moving, that I wanted to pay attention. The scenes were […]

Church Pursuit – Aftermath

December 6, 2010


So, I went to Eloisa’s church yesterday. So yes, if you thought that it wouldn’t continue then you can go shove your lack of faith in me up your…well, you know what I mean. I mean her church was “Born-Again Christian”, so most of my time there was dominantly spent on listening to praise songs […]

Church Pursuit

December 3, 2010


This Sunday, my partner and I finally decided to take the initiative and go to her church…finally. After all the delays, we are going to discuss the issues of Sierra Leone and Afghanistan. I feel sort of accomplished that we have a plan worked out. Also, we’ve decided that raising awareness just wasn’t enough for […]

Current Events – No Time To Rest For Mr. President

December 2, 2010


This article was dated around December 2, 2010 which was precisely a year ago! I would still label this as current because of the year it has happened, but not only that, if he was inaugurated on September 17, 2007, then he is coming close to the end of his term. This article, in terms […]


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